BINDER PET : Economical Butyl – Styrene base binder for Colour Printing with excellent overall fastness and brilliance.

BINDER EP : Economical Acrylic co-polymer binder with consistent fastness and brilliance.

BINDER RD Modified Acrylic Co-polymer base Ready to use for Colour Printing with excellent fastness properties.

BINDER DP Self cross Linkage Acrylic co-polymer binder specially for dark colour printing along with smooth feel to fabric.

BINDER RP Modified Acrylic co-polymer base foam binder for Foam or Rubber printing with good raise effect and average overall fastness.

BINDER ZX Specially designed Ethyl base Glitter binder for Glitter or Zari printing with good wet and dry rubbing fastness.

BINDER FLK Specially designed Ethyl base flocking binder for flock printing with excellent wet and dry rubbing fastness. Suitable for all flock powder.

BINDER KH High performance Acrylic binder for making White Inks (Khadi) with sharp prints.

BINDER MA Modified Acrylic binder to meet high Quality world Standards.

BINDER MET Specially designed Ethyl base binder for printing all types of Metal Powder.

BINDER L4 High Skill self cross linkage Acrylic copolymer binder with soft and durable film with high dry & rubbing fastness.

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